It's all about believing
Is there a solution?
Its not impossible to be fit, if I did it you can to. If my neighbor did it so can you. Many people have reached their fitness goals so why shouldn't you? It's easier than you think! It's just about applying the right positive energy and adapting it into your life in a way that after a while you will be doing it automatically. It will be part of your everyday lifestyle.
Diet and Exercise
These are two main things that need to be done in order for you to reach your fitness goals and have the body you desire. If you mix a good healthy diet and a good regular exercise schedule then you are guaranteed success. However, If these two become out of balance, this is when you face the problem so many do and you find yourself dieting/exercising to much and reaping no benefits. This formula has been the same since our ancestors, it's just with the modern world we live in today there are so many quick fix gadgets or miracle cures for weigh loss that we loose sight of what really works. Anyone who tells you differently has in my opinion other motives.
Follow a program and believe in it. Use the universe in your advantage
Believe! Having a strong mindset and positive attitude towards yourself and your fitness goals is crucial. Someone who loses this belief usually gives up easily. So believe you can do it and believe you have the drive and strength to follow your goals. Visualize your ideal body, how it makes you feel, act, think. Visualize this over and over again so that it becomes imbedded in your unconscious. So that when you have those days you want to give up, you will have that image in your head that pushes you and encourages you to stay on track with the exercise program you are following. It's important that you follow your program. Excuses will always be there, you just have to be focused and not let things get in the way. Get yourself into a routine where getting out is hard. Trying to get out of an old routine can sometimes be hard also. Bad habits can be hard to break. So why not Arrange workouts with friends so you wont want to cancel? Put a note in your calendar when you are working out so it becomes part of your day, something that has to be done.It's all about changing the ineffective routine and habits into effective routines and habits. Stick to your diet and exercise program and remember to believe in yourself and in your goals.